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Welcome to Yabeen Support Center !

Here you can find the answers for frequently asked questions about Yabeen and its services. Feel free to contact us through info@yabeen.com. Our dedicated team of experts will be happy to serve your needs.


  • What kinds of services do Yabeen provides to homeowners?
  • Yabeen provides a wide range of home designs including floor plans and interiors. Yabeen also brings details of professional architects, interior designers in India, latest home products, top brands etc.

  • Why should I sign up with yabeen?
  • After signing up with FB / Email ID, we can pin point your location and bring the details of nearest services within your reach. Creating an account will eliminate annoying and unwanted search results. Yabeen members only get the special offers from top brands and sellers. Members can easily sort results and reduce their workload.

  • What is personal profiles?
  • After creating an account, each and every user will get a free home page. You can add your favorite items to this page, ask for special offers from brands, post images and share it on social media. You can also edit your personal profile whenever you want.

  • Is the use of yabeen free?
  • Yes, it’s absolutely free for public users / homeowners

  • What is “Add to favourites”
  • When you add a certain picture, article, or item to your “favorites” box, it will be stored in there. Add to favorite option helps you to get a quick look at the items you like in our web site. You can use this free service only after signing up.

  • What is My Deals? How can i get special offers from shops?
  • This service is only available for Yabeen members. After signing in to your account, you can request for special deals (for products and services). Your request will be automatically send to the nearest service providers. Upon reviewing the trustworthiness of request, they will make a special offer just for you. You can earn the power to compare and select the best deal available to you.

  • How to post an image in my profile?
  • You can sign up in Yabeen, using your FB account or email ID. Options to post images are available right on the home page itself. You can upload pictures directly from your desktop. It is possible to write a short description about the picture. After publishing, the image will reach other yabeen users.

  • How to save my favorite pictures or articles?
  • It is quite easy to save your favorite pictures and articles on Yabeen, to your profile. All you got to do is sign up with your personal ID and password. There is an “add to favorites” option on every articles, images, products, and icons. Just click on that button, to add them, to your profile.

  • How can I change my username or password?
  • Sign in to your account. Select ‘edit profile’ option. Here you can see the option to change username, password, location etc

  • What is yabeen Professional / business Profiles?
  • Professionals in home designing, architects, interior designers, business groups and brands have the options to join in our web site. This will help them to explore genuine audience and their interests. This is your golden opportunity to introduce your special products and services. You can also get the reaction from genuine users, about your products. It is possible to create a home page, using your facebook account and Email ID. You can easily create a profile for your company and add details of new projects, products, and designs. For more details, feel free to contact us 24*7 through sales@yabeen.com

  • How a professional can add projects and photos to yabeen?
  • After creating an account, you can add projects to your page. You can also add photos to a particular album, or create new albums for your projects. Yabeen allows you to add unlimited images to your account. It is possible to edit or delete the albums at any time.

  • How professionals can engage with audiences and promote service?
  • Your page will reach deep in to the readers near to your location. The reach of our featured pages is far stronger. You have the options to collect data directly from the audience. Audience has the option to follow your pages and activities. Your followers will receive real time updates from your account on their personal pages. For more details about professional-featured pages connect with us now sales@yabeen.com

  • How yabeen protects photos on professional accounts?
  • We know the value of your copy right concerns. Yabeen uses technical means, sufficient enough to restrict unauthorized copying. In order to save your pictures from screen capture software utilities, we will provide a watermark on your pictures. Please let us know if you have any further questions or doubts about copyright protection and our services

    contact us at info@yabeen.com

  • How a business / brand can promote their business through yabeen?
  • • Create your profile page in yabeen

    • Add details of your products / service details, pictures, notes etc

    • You have the option to add / mark your service area and readers interests. This will help you to attract more readers from that particular area/interest.

    • The follow option allotted for readers will help you to send automatic updates and alerts to their home pages.

    • For more details sales@yabeen.com

  • How to publish “offer to audience”?
  • You can add your normal discounts and offer details on your home page, to attract customers. Public enquiries which are related to your service / products will be displayed in your page. You can provide a special offer for particular enquiries from users. It will only be displayed on the homepage of the customer.

  • How to advertise with yabeen / what are the methods of promotion?
  • We have two options for promotion

    Display advertisements (Limited slots only)

    Page promotions (Direct access to audience pages)

    More details contact sales@yabeen.com

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