kitchen appliance market is booming into a gigantic structure. Thousands of kitchen appliances kitchen appliance market is booming into a gigantic structure. Thousands of kitchen appliances

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Latest trends in kitchen appliances



Nowadays, kitchen appliance market is booming into a gigantic structure. Thousands of kitchen appliances are getting released in to the vigorous marketplace. All of them bring the same advertisement techniques in to mainstream buyers. You can escape from tedious and time consuming kitchen works, using the help of these modern tackles.

Wardrobe Basket

This is nothing but a simple “pull out” unit, commonly seen in kitchen wardrobe units. This latest kitchen appliance contains two baskets made of steel. You might need to pay around 3250 rupees for a 90cm wardrobe basket.

Kitchen drawer management system

As the name implies, it is quite easy to use the modular kitchen appliances and drawers, after installing a kitchen drawer management system. You can easily open and close kitchen drawers even if you are in the middle of a quick cooking session. High storage capacity is another favorable advantage of kitchen drawer management system. All you need is a finger touch, and the drawers willopen and close as per your will. You can further increase the storage area, by carefully installing drawers. This special system can be installed in your kitchen for

just around 4500 rupees.


This special equipment can be installed in kitchen walls. It is possible to use as many lights as you wish, after considering the length of Ibic. There are plenty of benefits for this amazing equipment. First of all, you can get rid of undesirable power plug points from your wall. This will reduce power consumption as well as electricity threats. This Japan made tackle is available for rupees 13000 from kitchen appliance stores. You can also purchase an additional hanger along with this low cost kitchen appliance.

Built –in induction hob

This is one of the latest trends in kitchen appliance industry of Kerala.Though, a traditional kind of hood and hob system was popular among Kerala homes, modern technologies managed to change the way we think.You can completely escape from smoke, smell, and heat by installing hobs. You can expect a bill of 20000 rupees, after installing a 2 burner hood- hob system.

Warming drawer

You know that we live in a world of built in appliances. Concepts like open kitchen made it important to save space inside kitchen for the sake of hygiene and concept. It is possible to arrange all the kitchen appliances inside drawers and cabins. Warming drawer will keep your food warm. The price range starts from 50000.

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