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Different Kitchen design styles



A kitchen can affect the overall beauty of your house. Effective utilization of space, mixed with the perfect blend of design supremacy and interior beauty makes a kitchen fantastic. Here, let’s take a peek in to the 6 basic kitchen design styles in the world.

Single line kitchen

This type of kitchen design is perfect for areas where there is only one partition wall. It will help you to create more storage space and work area.

Two – line kitchen

No matter how small your kitchen is, two line designs will allow you to utilize maximum available space. There will be two blocks of work areas and hence the name two- line kitchen.

L shaped kitchen

As the name implies, L- shaped kitchen contains a long, L shaped work area. There will be a sink, an oven, and plenty of storage cabins. The free

space in corner areas can be utilized effectively in this design. You can even arrange a dining table inside the kitchen, due to the space efficiency.

U shaped kitchen

No other model can outshine u- shaped kitchen, in areas of efficiency. This is perfect for every type of kitchen areas. Even in a small kitchen, U shaped arrangement will ensure maximum work space.

Island kitchen

As you can deduct from the name, there will be an isolated work area in the center of island kitchen. This design style is only appreciable for large kitchen rooms. If yours is an open kitchen, then this will be an ideal choice.

Retro kitchens

Retro kitchens are a treat to the eyes. It is nothing but blending the feel of vintage kitchens, in to an efficient, modern method of approach. You can use retro wall papers and floor mats, in order to get the real vintage look.

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