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Curtain Trends & Designs



The magic of curtains

The days of unimaginably heavy curtains are long gone. Today light weight curtains and blinds for homes are of the highest demand in the market. The figures show that the materials like velvet, jute and silk are still the dominant material in the curtain industry. Curtains for homes are available in two types, ready made and manual made and can be used to decorate your homes in the way you desire. Bamboo curtains are one of the latest curtains that have entered the market. Made out of thin and light bamboo planks, they are beautiful in appearance. One disadvantage of these is that they attract fungus once they become moist.

Elite curtains are the most sought after in the curtain market. Their majestic look itself is very much attractive. Today curtains that can be fixed on steel rods or even fibre rods are available. Since the fibre rods don’t corrode easily, they last for a long period in good condition. Any material, heavy or light can be used to make the elite curtains once they are set. Today the elite curtain design comes with embroidery and beautiful pictures. They have a standard width of 3.5 feet.

Indian curtains are popular even in foreign countries.  Pleated curtains which can be hung on curtain rods and powder coated channels are of the highest demand among them. Foreign malayalees prefer them the most because they last for a many years without damage.

Net or sheer curtains and valences which are available in various designs are of equal demand in the

market. Grommet or eyelet curtain designs which come with a certain Keralite beauty and majesty are sure to beautify your interiors. They are very much competent in terms of beauty and quality and are made in first class curtain rods. Since they have low gathering, they are not much in demand today.

 Loop curtains which are 3.5 feet wide are available in various lengths. It is difficult today to find another curtain as convenient and easy to use curtain as loop curtains. It is easy to remove and wash these kinds of curtains because they are available in two models, back loop and front loop.

The low priced cotton curtains are fit to be used on normal days. Designer curtains which are made out of more two or more clothes are also known as double shades. This is where you talents in designing can be flaunted. Double shaded curtains which match the colour of the bed sheets can be used to decorate your bedroom. You can also consult with your interior designer before selecting these curtains for your home .

Thread or feather curtains are the curtains whose sole purpose is to decorate your home. To make the curtains even more ornate looking, you can even use beaded curtains. But decoration is not the only purpose of curtains. They also play the role of maintaining the privacy of your home. Let us hope for the better innovations to bring about new changes to the world of curtains in the coming days.

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