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Eco Friendly Houses



Green construction, Eco friendly houses – nowadays, we have been hearing these words quite often. Well, apparently it is not a coincidence. People was in a delusion, that the ‘so called environmental changes’ cannot affect them directly. However, due to the extreme climate shifts and apprehensive statistical conjecture, people began to think seriously about going green. Now we have learned that, it is not a wise decision to avoid nature and environment. Excruciating summer heat and frosty winter season is now a reality in our state. Water became a precious commodity, rivers and lakes have dried out, mean temperature is rising madly. Though it is a bit late, people are becoming aware about the situation. That’s exactly where “green home” concept becomes significant.

The concept of eco friendly home designs has become a necessity. Your initiative will be an inspiration for others. Though the purity of nature and nostalgic memories has already become a fairy tale, there is still time for humanity. You can easily create low cost eco friendly homes, using some simple techniques.


The first thing to remember before organizing the plot is design. Try to analyze geographical features and natural parameters. You can create an elegant design, by creating small elevations. Don’t try to overcook the charm by destroying natural hills. Destabilization of hills will trigger soil erosion. It takes decades, to form a new soil fragment. It will not be a good idea to play with nature’s tranquility. The plot will become wobbly after such unsafe intrusions. You don’t have to cut off the trees in your plot, just to make it uncluttered. You can use the help of an experienced architect, for exploring the possibilities of a green home design. If it is unavoidable, you must not forget to plant at least two trees in your place. You must not forget the difference between a huge concrete building and “home”.

You can also alter your plan, to save wells and ponds from annihilation. It will be a good idea to save water runoff, by creating water holes and millponds. This special strategy will help you to increase the water level quickly.


It is absolute foolishness to build an enormously big

house. You can’t build a home, just in anticipation of future guests, who may or may not visit. If the home is small and comfortable, you will get plenty of free space for your garden. The maintenance cost of a small house is quite little, compared to a mansion. You can considerably reduce the cost of construction, by choosing local construction materials.Low cost materials, high quality, and transportation benefits will save your pocket.

There are lots of things to consider in the elevation itself. You can choose a design with minimum bends and curves. Using local alternatives instead of cement can also keep your budget healthy.

Selection of low-carbon paint is a good thing for environment. Try to install a water recycling plant in your home. The waste water can be used for gardening and washing. Lawn decoration needs to be completed with natural products only. While paving the path, you can use buffalo grasses. It will enhance the visual splendor as well as strength of the material. It is also a good way to improve water circulation in soil. You can avoid summer assaults of heat, by using ‘low water consuming’ grass verities. Planting trees in sloppy areas will save your plot from soil erosion.

Recycling is the best solution you can find, to reduce cost and damage. It is possible to refurbish the wooden furniture sets. Old furniture sets will be free from dampness. Teak and rose wood can be easily found from local antique markets.

There is another important thing to rememberwhile home construction -solar panels.You can forget about the initial expenses, after thinking about long term benefits. Government subsidy is available for alternative energy resources. Make sure that you will use at least 50% of total power consumption from solar panels.All you need is some panels and sun. C.F.L lamps, and LED bulbs are quite energy efficient.

Disposal of household waste is not an issue, with adequate amount of preparation. The residue can be used as a good fertilizing agent. Bio gas plants will help you top escape from financial crises as well as waste disposal.

If you really want to escape from leakages and damages, you should install high quality electricalequipmentand plumbing materials. You can also teach your children, to reduce plastic usage. These little construction tips and strategies will save you and your planet.

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