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Architecture and Interior Designing




About TOPOS Provides High Quality Architectural ,Civil and Interior Design services throughout the Globe Mission By 2020, our clients and the industries we serve will recognize TOPOS as a trusted partner and transformational organization providing the highest level of service, design, technical expertise and business performance globally while creating places that enhance the human experience.

Company Overview
Welcome to " topos " ...where we're passionate about great architecture interior and all 
things sustainable.

As architects, designers, and planners, we believe it is our responsibility to design high-performing, healthy buildings that positively impact the people, environment, and communities they serve. We do this by creating facilities that are resource-efficient, site and community enhancing, and provide a healthy and enjoyable experience for the people within them.

Headquartered on our own corporate campus in Malppuram,Kerala ,we are a group of designers and creatives who greatly value each other, our clients, our community and our earth.

topos Architecture and Interior Design is an

RIBA Charetred practice providing quality architectural,Interior Design and Civil Engineering services throughout the Asia Middle East and Europe. The practice was founded by Mr Mohamed Shafeeque who has created a strong brand of economical style and ecological strategy.

" The way we build, the way we design our habitable spaces and the way we live all have to be considered, analysed and adapted to reduce our consumption of energy day by day and over a lifetime. More immediately, any building development needs to be sensitive towards its locality. A designer will always need to appreciate how a building can and will effect and interact with the contextual environment, and how that building and the spaces it provides for it's occupants will in turn be affected. "

An Information Architecture starts with a thorough understanding of the business, its drivers and the underlying information needs, independent of organizational boundaries, systems and procedures. Defining an Information Architecture involves defining three separate architectures that provide a high-level, blueprint of data, systems and technology needed to support and enable the business strategies, objectives and vision of the company. Further, within an overall management & organizational framework, it also facilitates to manage & maintain the architectures and use it to make sound business decisions.

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