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Building a home is a very complex process, mainly due to the large number of verticals involved. Most citizens find themselves at sea while building their dream home – they have a thousand questions at every juncture from selecting the right professionals to even choosing the right building materials or decor products.

Essentially, Yabeen.com is a platform exclusively to search home designs, professionals and products. Yabeen provides services in the complete lifecycle of home design and construction from the start to end of building a house. Normal users can search for FREE in the website, also they can register/sign in for FREE using their Facebook/Email ID. Once users register, they are eligible to get special discount vouchers for the bookings of a-z home products listed in this website. The website provides a detailed portfolio of these professionals and product brands and shops.

For Professionals

For instance, if a user registers in the website with the intention to find a good architect/interior designer to design his/her house, he/she can browse through the profiles of different architects, view their designs and evaluate the architect’s expertise for themselves. In normal case, such an evaluation would not be possible – and users would have to make do with local architects. The USP is that users get access to these services for free. Users may contact these architects using the available contact details and request a quote.

The website has provide some features of a social network. Professionals can maintain their profiles and upload details of their designed projects – that will be visible to thousands of users who are searching in this website. Users can also save, bookmark and share details of these projects and the corresponding images as well. Users can also follow and socialize with these home design professionals. Additionally the website also has a detailed Article and blog section that keeps users up to date with the latest developments and trends in the industry.

for Business promotion

Yabeen puts forth a win-win ecosystem for both brands and regional businesses. We are not sale products through online, we provide a platform to showcase the products and boost the sales. Also we provide special discount coupons for every online bookings through yabeen.com. It is a great opportunity for sellers primarily because all of Yabeen’s large and ever-growing users are potential customers. At a small cost, business and brands can generate maximum return on investment, through Yabeen. Sellers/brands can register in the website and maintain their promotional pages by paying a monthly subscription. They automatically get looped in to customer enquiries made in the website with our innovative promotion programmes.

Here an opportunity for home based business people, who are making home decor/craft products. They are struggling to find buyers, also not able to advertise it. Here home based businesses can showcase their products through yabeen.com with a monthly subscription fee. Yabeen will provide maximum exposure to these kind of rare items to our cutomers who are searching for different home decor products. Also seller get genuine business leads and enquiries. Through these system yabeen aimed to connect all home based businesses which is related to home design and decor under one sales chain.

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